Small Medium Large
Climate/Terrain: Any land non-desert Any land non-desert Any land non-desert
Frequency: Common Uncommon Rare
Organization: Flock Flock Flock
Activity Cycle: Day Day Day
Diet: Micro Blips Micro Blips Micro Blips
Intelligence: Animal (1) Animal (1) Animal (1)
Treasure: Nil Nil Nil
Alignment: Neutral Neutral Neutral
No. Appearing: 10d100 10d20 10d10
Armour Class: 9 8 7
Movement: Vertically 2" Vertically 3" Vertically 4"
Hit Dice: 1 2 to 4 5 to 7
THACO: 19 18 to 16 15 to 13
No. of Attacks: 0 0 0
Damage/Attack: None None None
Special Attacks: None None None
Special: None None None
Magic: None None None
Size: L L L
Morale: Unreliable (2) Unreliable (2) Unreliable (2)
XP Value: 7 15,35,65 120,175,270

Blips are common creatures in the Middle Kingdom having a similar place to donkeys and mules in the western worlds of most AD&D campaigns. They are trained to fly up and down on command and are used to lift heavy loads. Human still have to haul the goods, though some people use horses or herd animals for this task.

In order to eat and breath they have a set of small holes arranged around their horizontal axis. They have eight eyes arranged at equal distances around their bodies. They eat tiny microblips and are the main reason why micro-blips are scarce near the ground (along with all the bird life). They will (if released) fly up into the sky as high as they can and gorge themselves on micro-blips about once a week.

Like all blips they gain their ability to fly to the existence of thousands of small, lighter than air, sacks in their body. Because of these sacks they are able to float effortlessly. They float at the mercy of the winds. They are intelligent enough to use cross winds at various heights to travel in their desired direction. When a blip dies, it will either: float to its cruising altitude of about 1,000 feet, decompose and after a week fall to the ground; or if it has anything heavy (greater than 1,000 GP) tied to its underside it will slowly fall towards the ground.

Combat: Unless the opponent is smaller than half a millimetre in diameter they cannot attack anything.

Habitat/Society: Blips live in flocks. They do not seem to have any social structure and are at the mercy of the winds. They are often found on their own after a storm but will use cross winds to regroup. They replicate by splitting in half. This is usually done at great altitude where the food supply is reasonable generous.

Ecology: They feed on the microscopic micro-blips that live in large quantities above a thousand fee and below that when the wind blows them down to lower altitudes.

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