Hel Churl Army 001



Days 1 to 13

HCA 001

(Joining the army of Hel Churl) A queue of six men stretches from a desk, above which is a sign saying Third Army Corps Enlistment.

The six people in the queue. They have come here to earn some money working for the army. As each person is processed they fill in a form, sign it and then go into a tent behind the desk. It takes about ten minutes to reach the desk.

The players are free to go and do what they want. They may return at a later stage and actually join the army.
Characters in queue:
Name: Ai De Lu. THACO: 16; HP: 29; #ATT: I; Dam: 1d4; AC:9; Move: 12". Wears bright outlandish clothes. Talks with a slow country drawl. Comes from an island off the south end of the peninsula and is roaming the world in search of adventure.
Name: Ling Dao Kao. THACO: 14; HP: 51; #ATT: 3/2; Dam: 1d6 (Spear); AC:5; Move: 9"'; Class: Fighter (7). A savage who speaks in a crude way, grunts a lot, but seems friendly. He is here with some members of his tribe to fight the evil Wu Tze Leeians.
Name: Zien Cha Yuan. THACO: 17; HP:50; #ATT: 1; Dam: 1d6 (Club); AC: 4; Move: 12"; Class: Thief (7). Has an extremely slight build, he cannot speak, only insanely chatter. A member of Kao's tribe.
Name: Dai Li Shen. THACO: 15; HP: 49; #ATT: 1; Dam: 1d6 (Spear); AC: 4; Move: 12"; Class: Ranger (6). A female soldier is rare. She looks like she could hold her own in a fight. She is here with Kao.
Name: Geng Ai Ren. THACO: 19; HP: 24; #ATT: 1; Dam: 1d6 (Staff); AC: 7; Move: 12"; Class: Magic-User (7). He stands back and watches what is going on around him like a hawk. He is also here with Kao.
Name: Ta Dz An. THACO: 13; HP: 56; #ATT I; Dam: 1d4 (Knife); AC: 6; Move: 12"; Class: Fighter (6). This thing appears to be more monkey than man. He is powerfully built but obviously has no brains. He is also here with Kao.

When they reach the desk.

Fields of Hel Churl. Days 1 to 6 only. Leave. Days 7 to 11 and 14 only.
If they fight. City of Hel Churl. Days 1 to 6 only. Plains of Wu Tze Lee. Days 12&13.

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02 January 2001