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(Hiao Jaio) Hiao Jaio is a village built on the coast. It has no defensive walls and looks like it may hold about two hundred thousand people. A large pier extends out several hundred yards into the sea. Three merchant junks are tied to the pier.

The town is allied closely with Wu Tze Lee. About 80% of the male population leaves with the fishing fleet to go to Wu Tze Lee. They arrive at Wu Tze Lee on days seven and eight. Those that arrive on day eight are destroyed before they can land. Of the junks that arrive at Wu Tze Lee on day seven about 50% escape and return to Hiao Jaio on day seventeen. Only two percent of the men that left, return.

Most shops in Hiao Jaio will be shut. The port has not closed down. The last of the junks left for Wu Tze Lee on day two.
Unless the players tell them, the locals will not know of the defeat of Wu Tze Lee by Hel Churl until day 27 when a messenger arrives overland from Wing Ting Mai. The town will then go into a state of shock and mourning from which it will never recover. A lot of the people leave to live in other towns.
In the village are all the things you would expect: temples to Buddhism and Taoism, Government departments, shops, except that most are closed. The Taoists are running the town. They will be only too happy to side with the Tang's (especially if they helped with the defence of Wu Tze Lee). If the party mention that they were on the side of Hel Churl they will be shunned and told to leave.
The players will be able to get their passports stamped at the customs office, which is running on a skeleton staff. There in no police force operating in the town as all the men capable of fighting have gone to Wu Tze Lee.
The locals know/believe the following:
They are on the side of Wu Tze Lee.
That Prince Hei Ho Bang is the most evil man in the world.
The town leader is Yu Wu Shi.
The Taoists are in charge of running the town until the new leader returns or a new leader is chosen.

After day 27:

The Prince lost the war but the treacherous Hel Churlians defeated their forces. There is a general bitter hatred to all Hel Churlians, Heis and Mings.
The Taoists will choose a new leader in three months, at the next equinox.
If they leave.

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02 January 2001