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NJ 001

(Niao Jiang Lowlands) A light cloud of smoke hangs over the Niao Jiang river plain as several villages bum. A bush fire can be clearly seen, slowly progressing across the plain. No attempt seems to be being made to stop it.

A state of complete lawlessness has existed in this part of the kingdom since even before the opals were stolen. Four warlords are vying for power. Any group of players on the plain will be able to avoid trouble if they take reasonable care.

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If the players stop to ask people what they know they will know some of the following (one in six chance of an individual knowing):
Wu Tze Lee is dead.
Wu Tze Lee or Prince Hei Ho Bang stole the opals.
Prince Hei Ho Bang is alive or dead.
The Ming Army is marching on Wu Tze Lee and will shortly be in the Niao Jiang area.
The Ming Emperor is dead. Their leader (Xi Xie Gui or Sha Ren Fan) has all the opals and will become the next Emperor.
No-one will stop the bushfire which was caused by an angry Taoist because the person who puts it out will die.
You must move to the high lands because the river will flood in three weeks as the people in Hel Churl have released a flood to destroy the capital.
Chang Chiang is in desperate need of workers for its mine.
There are four walled towns along the river containing 200,000 and 800,000 people They are open towns of no consequence to the module.
If the players mention that they have an opal (even if they do not actually have one) and they are travelling by foot, then they will be ambushed by a large troop of men from the nearest town later that day or early the following day.
Ambushed because they say they have the opals. Leave the lowlands.

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27 December 2000