Wu Tze Lee 017b



Day 14

WTL 017b

(Treasury Entrance) Two guards lie on the ramp in front of closed wooden double doors twenty feet wide.

Long Li Ching has gone onto the roof. If the players follow him onto the roof immediately they will find his men attacking a sick and sorry group of defenders. If they follow after they have been into the complex on this level they will find that Long Li Ching has won and collected several prisoners. If they have completed their task Long Li Ching leads them down to the city.
If they go down before they have gone into the complex on this level they will find a major battle going on at the entrance to the tower. It looks as if the army of Hel Churl will easily win, but the defenders are putting up a good fight anyway.
If they go down after they have been in the complex on this level they will find that the army of Hel Churl has won the lower levels and is preparing to destroy the tower. Long Li Ching is there (he easily won his fight on the roof) and leads them into the city.
When they get back to the city they are taken back to the general. He asks them what they have done. After they tell him what they have done he will thank them for their help and tell them that they will always be welcome in Hel Churl. If they have told him that they killed Wu Tze Fang and Tang is still alive then he will offer Tang the support of Hel Churl in whatever way they can in the future. They are discharged from further duties, paid and are free to leave.
One of the soldiers lying on the floor has a key marked 228 in his pocket. The doors are locked.

If they stay for the clean up and party.

Through doors. They are locked. Key 228 fits them. If they leave Wu Tze Lee.
WTL-M-003.jpg (134101 bytes) Map : WTL-M-003 for references on where they can go. .

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