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Days 1 to 6


(Approaching) Chang Chiang is a town built on a small piece of land a quarter of a mile wide between the mountains and the sea. A town wall has been built at each end. A large part of the town is built on a set of islands near the coast joined by stone bridges.
The town of Chang Chiang is closely allied with Wu Tze Lee. During the first six days about 80% of the male population leaves to go to Wu Tze Lee to help in its defence. There is an extreme shortage of manpower and supplies.
The party will be able to travel with any one by foot up to day four cc by boat up until day six to Wu Tze Lee. Likewise any help they can be with their blip transferring people and supplies to Wu Tze Lee will be greatly appreciated, even paid for.
Most shops in Chang Chiang are shut. Likewise the port is closing down as all the men leave. The last of the junks leave for Wu Tze Lee on day six. All the junks are sailing for Wing Ting Mai after leaving Wu Tze Lee to avoid the fleet of Prince Hei Ho Bang.
In the town are all the things you would expect: temples to Buddhism and Taoism, government departments, shops, except that most are closed. The Taoists are running the town. They will be happy to pledge their allegiance with Tang if he states that he is against the Mings and Heis.
Built into the mountain the city nestles against a large mine entrance, clad in jade and ornately carved. The entrance stands forty feet tall. Inside are many miles of tunnels, which honeycomb the mountain. The entrance is guarded and the mine has been shut down due to a shortage of manpower.
The players will be able to get their passports stamped at the customs office, which is running on a skeleton staff. There is no police force operating in the town.
The locals know/believe the following:
They are on the side of Wu Tze Lee That Prince Hei Ho Bang is the most evil man in the world.
It was probably Prince Hei Ho Bang who stole the opals.
The town leader is Yu Zhi Sheng. He has travelled to Wu Tze Lee and everywhere else.
The Taoists are in charge of running the town until Yu Zhi Sheng returns.
The mines are closed until the war is over.
The Prince will lose the war.
The Ming Army has never been able to defeat the independent peoples of the Shan Peninsula.

Jade Mines.

If they leave.

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