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CC 002

(Jade Mines) Built into the mountain the city nestles against is a large mine entrance, clad in jade and ornately carved. The entrance stands forty feet tall and has two jade doors ten feet tall and seven feet wide.
The mines have been shut down because of a lack of manpower. The guards are part of a group of only forty left in the town. At night the entrance is not guarded at all.
If anyone asks them they will tell the party that the mine is closed until enough workers return to reopen it. If they are interested in being miners then they should go to the Taoists and tell them that they want to work at the mine. No-one is allowed in unless escorted by a Taoist priest from the temple.
The doors are locked. One of the guards has a key. It is Numbered 613.
Inside the mine is a three dimensional maze of tunnels, dug to follow the veins of Jade. All the processing is done in the town.
This appears to be the only entrance. It is guarded by five guards.
Guards THACO: 17 AC: 6

HP: 17

#ATT: 1 Long Sword SVM: 16
DAM: 1d8 LEVEL: 4 (Fighter)
MOVE: 9"

City days 1 to 6.

City days 7 to 18. City days 19 to end.

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