Hel Churl 006a



Days 1 to end

HC -006a

(Room 1) A serving counter splits the room in half. At the right hand end is a folding door. At the left hand end is a serving bell. Behind the counter is a chair.

(When they ring the bell during the day) You hear a key being put in the lock of the door at the rear of the room. After a moment the door opens and an old man in a custom official's suit enters the room. He carries a small box with him. He looks at Li Bing and says, "Do you have your Passports?".

A newer wooden building well built with a door and a window. The service counter is made of wood and 3' wide. On the internal side, underneath the counter there are shelves, on which are a variety of (Customs associated) forms.

The players are expected to hand over their passports and have them stamped. If anyone has lost their passport, they can have a new one issued here. Cost is 40 g.p.
The plain wooden box contains the seal of Hel Churl used to stamp the passports.
The three doors have locks. Key 780 will unlock them.
The Customs Officer does not know anything of Yun Tin Kang.
The Customs Officer does know: a Hang Wei Li is the general in charge of the army. a The army is going to Wu Tze Lee to destroy it. a The goods in the warehouse belong to Hang Bu Wei. They are to be taken to town and sold.

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