Hel Churl 006b



Days 1 - end

HC - 006b

(Room 2) A simple, bedroom with one single bed and a wooden trunk. There is another door.

(If they have not met the customs officer) An angry man is getting out of the bed. He wears a custom official's suit. He has a sword and shouts "Get out of my room''.

The customs officer will require that they leave. If they don't he will attack and fight until they leave or he dies.

Under the bed is a plain wooden box containing the seal used to stamp documents at this customs house. It also contains the red ink needed for this task.
The bed is a simple affair with a solid board supported by four legs and a straw mattress.
The trunk is unlocked and contains two suits of customs officer's clothes. It is opened by key 721.
The customs officer has three keys. They are marked 721, 780 and 869.
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