Nu Gong Zao 100



Third Session

NGZ 100

(Return With Banner & Opals) As you return through the country side, you find the lowlands in a state of civil war. As you display the banner, people immediately turn to look. No one dares to threaten you and many come up to pay tribute. The news of your return travels quickly. By the time you reach Nu Gong Zao the road is lined with people, often more than a hundred deep on each side. Army units from various provinces form a police force, keeping the road clear. The city is controlled by the forces of the Hei Family. When you reach Tianamin Square you see even more people than were here last time. The Ming Army now only controls the Imperial Palace. As you approach the main gate a Ming General orders you to stop

The Ming General wants to see all three of the Opals before he will allow the party to enter. He is a well built and a seasoned army man.

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The city shows the scars of savage fighting.
The palace is unmarked.

If they show the Opals.

If they refuse to show the Opals.

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27 December 2000