Prince's Fleet 004



Days 8 to 11

PF 004

(Approaching the Prince's Fleet by Foot) The army of Prince Hei Ho Bang is huge. There are at least a half a million men. Off the coast are at least a thousand junks. One of these junks has the Banner of Prince Hei Ho Bang flying from it. There are four two winged blips and two four winged blips flying with the fleet.

When the soldiers on the side of Prince Hei Ho Bang see the players, a shout will go up and an order to attack will be give. The soldiers will charge at the players. Give them two minutes real time to run away before the first soldiers arrive. They will be able to run away at any time.

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There are at least twenty soldiers present when the combat begins.
1 Four more guards arrive. They may demand that all participants cease fighting and drop their weapons depending on the situation.
2 If the players continue to fight the guards will enter the fight and engage all participants.
3 Eight guards arrive each round.

One sergeant arrives each second round.

One lieutenant arrives each fourth round.

500,000 Soldiers THACO: 16
#ATT: 1 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8
MOVE: 9"
AC: 5
SVM: 16
LEVEL: 4 (Fighter)
HP: 35 Each
50,000 Sergeants THACO: 13
#ATT: 1 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8+1
MOVE: 5"
AC: 3
SVM: 13
LEVEL: 7 (Fighter)
HP: 58 each
10,000 Lieutenants THACO: 10
#ATT : 2 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8+2
MOVE: 4"
AC: 2
SVM: 10
LEVEL: 10 (Fighter)
HP: 80 each
When they die or run away.

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