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The fleet of Prince Hei Ho Bang (otherwise known as the Prince's fleet) has been gathered for the purpose of destroying the city of Wu Tze Lee.

The Fleet

The fleet is made up of over a thousand junks. It consists of the Imperial Ming Fleet, about 80% of the Ming Army and the Hei Family Fleet and about 50% of the Hei Army.

During the Ming Empire the art of boat building has excelled and the largest junks have five masts eighty feet tall. They are four hundred feet long. The fleet also contains most of the cargo junks that were in the port at the time the fleet was being readied.


At the beginning of the module it is the intention of Prince Hei Ho Bang to sail to Wu Tze Lee using mostly Ming forces and destroy Wu Tze Lee to get the opal. His spies have told him that the other two opals are at a lake in the mountains and at Wing Ting Mai. His plans are to destroy Wing Ting Mai by force after destroying Wu Tze Lee, then to head overland to wherever this lake is before marching triumphantly into Nu Gong Zao with all the opals.

On day one the fleet sails for Wu Tze Lee. It arrives there on day eight and immediately lays siege. It takes three days to take the outer city, significantly longer than the Prince expected.

On the night of day eleven the forces of Wu Tze Lee mount a major counter attack and annihilate the Prince's forces using secret tunnels dug under the plain for the counter attack. The fleet is destroyed before the hours of dawn.

No-one knows if the Prince escaped or was killed with his army until he returns to Nu Gong Zao at the end of the module. He will have any of the opals that the players do not have.

If at any stage the player approach the army they will be attacked. This is because Prince Hei Ho Bang holds them to be a major risk and has circulated a paper with pictures of Tang, Yuen and Xue and how to recognise the players blip, with a significant reward for the commander who brings back proof of their deaths. They do not care for the rest of the party. The fleet has also a reward for the death of Yun Tin Kang.


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