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(Shan Peninsula - West of the Niao Jiang) The Shan Peninsula is very mountainous. Small villages dot the valleys and cling to the coastline.

There are no villages in the mountains with more than a ten thousand people. The villages survive on subsistence farming on the river plains and terraced mountain fields or fishing.

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There are no villages on the coast with more than a twenty thousand people. The villages survive on subsistence farming on coastal plains or fishing.
All of the villages are closely allied with Wu Tze Lee. 90% of the male population is away fighting the war at Wu Tze Lee. After the war is lost on day 16, the villages are in morning and very frightened of the outside world. At first they will be suspicious of strangers.
The villages are all the things you would expect, Temples to Buddhism and Taoism, Government departments, shops. Most are closed for the entire module.
The players will be able to get their passports stamped at the customs office, which is running on a skeleton staff for the entire module, in any village of more than five thousand people.
The locals know/believe the following:
They are on the side of Wu Tze Lee.
That Prince Hei Ho Bang is the evilest man in the world.

After day 16:

The double-crossing forces of Hel Churl won the war.
The good forces of Wu Tze Lee were routed by the evil forces of Hel Churl.
No-one knows where the opals are and most do not care.
The people who were at Wu Tze Lee all died. (There is an extreme manpower shortage.)
If they leave.

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