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LL 001

(Approaching during the day) You cross the top of a small hill. Spread before you is a small, partially green valley. Partially green because in one area of the valley the vegetation is completely gone. In the centre of the valley is a small blue lake. In the south end of the valley is a small cave.

Hao Shou Shi will notice that there are no rivers or streams feeding or draining the lake.

If they move closer to the floor of the valley they will notice that the area of no vegetation appears to be slowly expanding.
If they cast a Detect Curse it will indicate the lake is cursed. If they cast a Remove Curse, the curse on the lake will weaken momentarily but not be dispelled. They have to cast the spell on both the Locust Queen and the lake.


When they are 5O' from the area of no vegetation.

If the players move to the cave. If the players move to the lake. If the players leave.
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02 January 2001