Locust Lake




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Locust Queen


Wu Tze Lee


The lake was originally situated in a valley among the mountains. The swarm have always used the lake as it was the only source of still water in the area. The swarm would go to the source of food, but always return to the lake where the Queen would be resting in her cave. This cave had several large chambers at the rear where the nest was located and a large empty chamber at the front.

While the swarm was searching for food and away from the cave for a couple of days, the front chamber was taken over by a witch who had been thrown out of her town. She did not know that there was a nest at the rear of the cave.

There was a violent storm beginning and the swarm flew into the cave as a large mass. Their timing was not good. As they entered they flew straight into a large circular area and also into the witch. The witch was at the critical point of summoning an evil greater spirit so as to reek revenge on her town. The swarm completely destroyed her concentration and the protection of the circle.

The evil greater spirit stepped out of the circle and took hold of the witch. "You will die a slow death of thirst and starvation for disturbing my feasting time you old hag. Now say good bye to your world."

The witch looked at the Locust Queen and cursed her for her indifference. The curse was for the Queen to have her swarm die of thirst as the witch was now doomed to do. Unfortunately for the witch, she did not get a chance to complete the curse before she was dragged by the greater spirit from this world. The result was that instead of the lake being destroyed, it merely teleported to a different location.

The swarm had to leave the nest and find another source of still water. When they found their lake again they began to build a new nest. Within a few days the lake vanished again and the Queen has been chasing it ever since.

There is not enough time in one location for the Queen to set up a nest so the swarm is slowly reducing in size. She is desperate to find a way to stop the lake from moving.


The players must stop the lake from moving. To do this a Remove Curse must be cast on the Queen and the lake. This can be done with either one or two spells.


The Queen is in love with Wu Tze Lee and he visits her regularly. When Wu Tze Lee stole the opals he decided not to keep them in one location to make finding them harder. So he gave an opal to the Queen to hide it from the world. Other than this the lake is an isolated location which has little interaction with the world.


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