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Tang Li Bing

You settle into bring emperor very easily. The rigours of office are easily offset by luxury of the palace. The Princess gave you your first son ten months the wedding. She is a wonderful wife and mother. Prince Hei Ho Bang tried to assassinate you, but the attempt failed due to a well timed but miss aimed practical joke by Shi. Ye has been getting pushy lately, and Chong is more pushy then ever. You will have to give them a holiday on the peninsula to release them. The new Wu Tze Lee might be a nice place.

Yuen Wu Ye

At last, you have obtained the top. The world is at your feet and all you have to do is tolerate Bing thinking he is ruling the country. It is a pity that Yun Tin Kang was not here to see you reach the position that he could not hold. Your friend Wu Tze Lee is rumoured to have been roaming the country but you cannot be sure it is true. Life with Wen Cha Lin is very interesting, although it would be better without Hao Shou Shi around constantly. One day soon you may be able to convince her to settle down formally.

Xue Shu Chong

A position of responsibility equal to your abilities and not a moment too soon. You immediately implement a policy of stricter dedication to the religion from your new position as head of the Tsung religion. Trying to get Bing to be more brutal on law and order across the country is an uphill battle. He still insists on being lenient and kind far too often. At least you kept Wen Cha Lin's shop outside the palace grounds.

Fang Zhen Shang

It is good to formally have a permanent home where you feel safe. It is wonderful to pass around your knowledge and experience to other young people by instructing at the Imperial Kung Fu school. The most disappointing thing has been that, even with the help of magic, you still do not know your past life. Chong says that he will keep on trying for you.

Wen Cha Lin

It was delightful to see Bing get what he so richly deserves. His wedding was very happy and your entertaining must have been the best you have ever done. Having a shop outside the main gate of the palace with the Ting family sanction is great for business. All the important people of the Middle Kingdom come to see you. You probably know more about the major families than anyone else in the country. Shi seems to be learning quite fast about fortune telling by sitting in on these sessions and is eager to learn more. Ye is very serious lately and does not seem to understand about freedom. It might be time to travel for a while.

Hou Shou Shi

What a fun place the palace is. There have been all sorts of tricks to play and all the people are so serious that it does not seem to upset them more than normal. The only time they all seem happy with you was when Prince Hei Ho Bang slipped on the banana skin you left for Bing. Considering he was going to kill Bing, it was quite lucky he died from it. Having Lin teach you to read fortunes has the advantage that you learn a lot of significant information about the families, which you later use against them in jokes. Shu Chong does not seem happy that you invited you family and their friends to live on the palace roof for a month. Once again Bing came to your rescue.

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