Xue Shu Chong



Priest:10th Level Human

Strength: 15
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 18
Dexterity: 15
Constitution 16
Charisma: 14
Open Doors 8 (on d20)
Bend Bars 7%
System Shock 95%
AC Adjustment -1
HP Adjustment +2
Move 611

HP 71 (7,14,20,28,36,45,53,63,67,7l at each level)
AC: 4

Weapon : Tetsubo +1, Mace +1

AC 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10
To Hit 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20 20 20
Damage: Tetsubo +1: S-M 1d8+1; L 1d8+1
Mace +1: S-M 1d6+2; L 1d6+1

Ancient History 15
Healing 16
Reading & writing 17
Languages, Ancient 16
Languages, Modern 16
Religion 18
Pottery 13
Weaving 15


Age: 35
Apparent age: 40
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 145 lb.
Sex: Male
Religion: Tsung

Saving throws:

Paralysation, Poison: 6
Petrification, Polymorph: 9
Rod,Staff,Wand: 10
Breath Weapon: 12
Spell: 11

Modifiers not included:
+4 Magic attack adjustment


(7x 1 ,6x2,3x3,3x4, 1x5)

L1. Bless (PH 198)
L1. Detect Harmony (OA 58)
L1. Detect Magic (PH 199)
L1. Detect Poison (PH 199)
L1. Faerie Fire (PH 200)
L1. Purify food & Drink (PH 202)
L1. Resist (OA 59)
L1. Weapon Bless (OA 59)
L2. Detect Charm (PH 204)
L2. Enthral (PH 204)
L2. Heat Metal (PH 205)
L2. Know Motivation (OA 61)
L2. Obscurement (PH 206)
L2. Produce Flame (PH 206)
L2. Slow Poison (PH 207)
L2. Warning (OA 62)
L3. Detect Curse (OA 62)
L3. invisibility to Spirits (OA 63)
L3. Levitate (OA 63)
L3. Magic Vestment (PH 211)
L3. Remove Curse (PH 213)
L3. Substitution (OA 64)
L4. Detect Lie(PH 217)
L4. Detect Shape Changer (OA 65)
L4. Free Action (PH 217)
L4. Neutralise Poison (PH 219)
L4. Spell Immunity (PH 220)
L4. Tongues (PH 220)
L5. Air Walk (PH
L5. Mental Strength (OA 68)
L5. Moonbeam (PH 223)

Magic Equipment:

+1 Mace
+1 Tetsubo


PP: 17

1 x Kabuto
1 x Hara-ate
2 x Kote
2 x Sode
2 x Sunate
2 x Weeks Rice Cake Rations
2 x Water Skins
1 x Belt & Large Pouch
2 x Clothes
1 x Cloak, Cloth
1 x Oil Skin
1 x pair High Hard Boots
1 x Leather Backpack
1 x Bedding & Sleeping Bag
1 x Passport


Your fathers for seven generations have been Tsung Priests. So in your early years you had no doubt as to what you would do in adulthood. The local Duke has been very good to the church and his son soon became a constant companion of yours as you both maturer. You journeyed much with Li Bing in your teenage years. During these escapades you met up with Yuen Wu Ye.

Upon the recent death of your father, you became spiritual leader for the local Tsung Laity. Your increased duties kept you in the city more. Yuen Wu Ye departed one day to travel alone.

Life quietened a little until one day a strange event occurred. You would have never expected to find a woman lying on your temple grounds. Yet that is exactly what happened. You took in this strange woman delivered by the gods and who remembered nothing of her previous existence. One day you learnt that she is really an owl. She fell off the top of the roof, landing gently on the ground in the form of an owl. She then returned to her human form. You are very fond of and protective of Zen Shang. With much hard work and concentration, you have been able to draw out her ability to change shape. From early on she showed a great mastery of weapons and you introduced her to the Kung Fu master Leong Ka Tai. Her skill has increased at a very rapid pace.

The past few years have seen a rise in your travelling again. Yuen Wu Ye is no longer with you, but Zen Shang and Li Bing get along well on the journeys.

It was on one of these journeys that you met a very disrespectful little spirit called Hao Shou Shi. His attempt to swindle money from you should have met with death, but as usual, Bing was far too lenient and let him off.

Recently, the country has been showing very bad signs. The important families and religions are all gathering forces and moving to the capital where the Ming Emperor is having difficulty keeping control. Bing has asked you to accompany him with a group he is forming to go to Nu Gong Zao.

When you arrived at the meeting place Yuen Wu Ye was there. As you talked about the years of separation, the rest of the group arrived. Your recognition of Hao Shou Shi came as a bit of a shock as he ducked behind the woman he arrived with. After objecting to Bing, you relented to give the child a second chance as he wished.

The journey has been trying and there were many battles around you on the road. Hao Shou SM appeared pleased with one particular fight and your suspicions have been aroused. Upon entering the city, information arrives that Wu Tze Lee, the imperial wizard had stolen the mystic Three Heavenly Opals, symbol of the Emperor's power. This is the worst omen you have yet encountered.


Tough and stem, you do not tolerate fools and ruthlessly deal with problems. Proper and correct in all your ways, you believe in saving the world in spite of itself by whatever means possible.


Hao Shou Shi This person is still a child and must be treated as such. Lack of discipline has caused him to be warped and wayward. Li Bing has stated that he must be given some freedom, so begrudgingly you have assented.

Tang Li Bing A trusted friend who still shows too much leniency toward punishment of indiscretions.

Fang Zhen Shang You have a deep fondness for her but the rigorous of your position will not allow you to show this.

Yuen Wu Ye He is showing increased maturity and correct social manners. He should be aided in his efforts to advance.

Wen Cha Lin She is too flamboyant and noisy to fit into any decent part of society. Needs to be kept in her place.

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