Fang Zhen Shang



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Fighter: 10th Level Shape Changer (Owl)

Strength: 17
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 17
Dexterity: 13
Constitution 16
Charisma: 12
Open Doors 10 (on d20)
Bend Bars 13%
System shock 95%
Ink' vision 60'
Ultra vision 30'
Day vision 3 times normal
Attacks per round 2
HP Adjustment +2
Move 18"

HP: 85 (7,14,26,36,47,54,62,73,75,80 at each level)
AC: 4

Martial Arts Skills : Kung Fu

Attack Style: Hand

Special manoeuvres: Iron Skin, Missile Deflection, Flying Kick, Incapacitator, Iron Fist' Locking Block

Damage Per Attack: 1d10 (Stun on a natural roll of 20 for 1d4 melee rounds.) Using the following special manoeuvres only allows one attack per round. Missile deflection: Save Vs paralysation on each attack to dodge
Flying Kick: Run up of five feet, does triple damage on successful hit. If Fang is unsuccessful then he must spend the next round standing up. Incapacitator: Render opponents, finger, arm or leg useless for 24 hours. Successful hit required. Victim gets a saving throw vs paralysation.
Locking Block: On successful hit this manoeuvre will trap the opponent's weapon, arm or leg in a scissor lock. Victim can break the lock by successfully rolling a To Hit Roll for success. If an unsuccessful attempt is made against an opponent with a melee weapon then Fang is automatically hit by that weapon.

AC 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10
Human 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20
Owl 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20 20 20 20 20

Owl Stats:

AC: 5
HP: 8
HD: 1
ATT: 3
DAM: 1d2/1d2/1
MOVE: 24"
Special: Swoop attack from greater than fifty feet causes double damage. Can fly silently. Surprise bonus of -6.


Animal Handling 16
Animal Lore 16
Direction Sense 18
Endurance 16
Fishing 16
Hunting 16
Singing 12
Tracking 17
Weather Sense 16


Age: Unknown
Apparent age: 20
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 85 1b
Sex: Female
Religion: Buddhist

Saving throws:

Paralysation, Poison: 7
Petrification, Polymorph: 8
Rod,Staff,Wand: 9
Breath Weapon: 8
Spell: 10

Modifiers not included:
+3 magic attack bonus

Magic Equipment:

Anklet of Protection vs Fire
Horn of Summoning


PP: 42
UP :35
EP: 7
SP: 6
CP: 11

2 x Week's Rice Cake Rations
2 x Water Skins
1 x Belt & large Pouch
2 x Clothes
1 x Cloak, Cloth
1 x Oil Skin
1 x pair High Hard Boots
1 x Leather Backpack
1 x Bedding & Sleeping bag
1 x Hammer
1 x 50' Rope
4 x Iron spikes
1 x Passport


Your first memory is of Xue Shu Chong's face looking down at you. You were lying under a tree in the temple grounds. Chong took you in and cared for you while you tried to discover your past. The head of the temple held a special naming ceremony and gave you your name.

You have lived for several years with Chong in the Temple. You have been an outsider because of your lack of knowledge of your past and because you were a woman in a male domain.

One day, while repairing the temple roof for Chong, you slipped and fell over the edge. Instead of hitting the ground you found yourself gliding to the ground on wings. On landing, you changed back to human form without so willing. The next day, with much concentration, you again changed shape into a brown owl and back again. It took two hours but it felt natural to be an Owl once more. With Chong's help, you have mastered the art of changing shape.

On your second adventure you were captured by a wizard. He took great enjoyment using various spells to torture you, trying to find where you and your companions had entered his castle. Li Bing and Chong rescued you and killed the wizard, but not before he had given you a hatred of wizards and their cruel magic.

Playing Kung Fu became a good pastime and you showed natural talent.

Chong had you admitted to the school of the Kung Fu master Leong Ka Tai. This caused a fuss at the castle as no woman had been admitted before. Your talent quickly showed as some of the men were unceremoniously defeated.

While the physical aspect of being human has not been a problem, you are still having difficulty learning the ways of the world. Try as you may, maturity in this aspect does not seem to want to be rushed.

Your greatest enjoyment has been travelling with Li Bing and Chong. They have told you many stories about their friend Yuen Wu Ye and their previous travels.

Li Bing has asked Chong to accompany himself and some other companions to Nu Gong Zao. The capital appears to be politically crumbling as the Ming Emperor loses face in the eyes of the Imperial Bureaucracy and the public.

At the gathering you recognised Hao Shou Shi. He once tried to get money out of you, Bing and Chong on one of your travels. His attempt at deception failed when you flew down below the bridge to discover who was issuing demands of money or death. Chong's wishes to execute him were drowned by Li Bing's demands for leniency for the young. Yuen Wu Ye was also there and one other strange person.

The journey to the capital was enlightening. There were many groups on the road. Most were important families who appear on the same quest as you. Entering the city, you were informed that the Three Heavenly Opals were stolen by Wu Tze Lee from the Ming Emperor and that this has almost sealed his fate.


A well spoken person who has a strong intellect. Though you have the physical appearance of a person in their early twenties you have little knowledge of the world and are constantly surprising people with your immature (verging on childish) knowledge of the world.

You remain alert through most of the night but find it hard to remain attentive during the daylight hours.

Your owlish tendencies occasionally show through.


Xue Shu Chong Your initial feelings toward him as a father have changed over years of travel. You would now regard him as a friend and peen

Hou Shou Shi A playful upstart who only causes trouble.

Yuen Wu Ye You do not trust wizards and are suspicious of him As he is a friend of Tang Li Bing and Xue Shu Chong you are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Tang Li Bing Try as hard as you can, you never seem to be able to fulfil his expectations of you.

Wen Cha Lin She does not contribute serious and intelligent ideas when they are required. Should show more control over her emotions.

Shape Changing Rules

The following rules apply to how you change shape and what happens.

When you change shape, none of your equipment is converted. You cannot carry any of your equipment in owl form, except what an owl can carry. The only exception to this rule is your anklet of fire protection.

When in owl form you have the abilities and hit points listed on the front page of your character sheet. These statistics override any other statistics you have when not in owl form.

You do not change shape when you become unconscious in either form.

In owl form you still go to negative your constitution in human form (-16HP) before you die.

It takes one segment to change shape. When positive your hit points work on a pro rata basis. E.g: if you start with the seventy hit points and change to owl form, you have seven hit points. If you then loose two hit points, when you convert back into human form you have fifty hit points.

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