Please read this section before you read the rest of the dungeon.

This module is different in several respects from most previous Arcanacon Modules.

It comes in several sections. These are:

  1. This Preamble.
  2. Player Characters.
  3. Module Scenario, explanations, History of the World etc.
  4. The Tournament Module.
  5. Player Handouts.
  6. Maps.
  7. Non-Player Characters.
  8. DM's Guide Supplement.
  9. Monster Manual Supplement.

The Player Characters Section contains all the information given to the players. There is no additional information on the player characters.

The Module/Scenario Section explains what is going on in the module as a whole and each individual scenario. The module is quite complex in parts and has several sections which operate in parallel. The players usually can choose one of several available options. If you have difficulty when running a scenario as to what to do next when the players do something really outrageous, please keep the scenario objectives in mind.

The Tournament Module consists of two parts. The first is an index referred to as the MAIN INDEX. This index tells you where to start the various scenarios depending on the various parameters such as date, direction of approach or mode of approach. The second part contains all the individual scenarios. Each part of the world has its own scenario. A few of the important NPCs also have their own scenarios.

The tournament module has a special page numbering system. Each part is prefixed with a letter or letters based on where or what section it is associated with. For example the section describing the capital Nu Gong Zao is marked as NGZ followed by the page number. This page number appears on the outside corner of the page. (Like the word Preamble does on this page.) The next page has more information on how the Tournament section is laid out.

The Player Handout Section contains all player handouts required for the module. A set of these will be provided separately for each team so that you can hand them rut as required.

The Map Section has all the maps required for each scenario. The main map of the world is actually located in the main INDEX.

The Non-Player Characters Section gives additional information on major nonplayer characters.

The DM's Guide Supplement and Monster Manual Supplement contains all the extra information which you would normally expect to find in these books but which is specific to the dungeon.


The tournament is to be played in three two and a half hour sessions. The first and second sessions flow from one to the next At the beginning of the third session Yun Tin Kang is used to give all the teams the three opals so they can complete the module.

At the beginning of each session all characters have full hit points and all dead characters are "resurrected" as they are assumed not to have died in the previous session. The characters also begin the session with a full complement of spells.
All items gained in the previous session are kept and no magic items are recharged.

Except as noted explicitly in the module; this module uses the second edition set of AD&D rules (Players Hand Book and Dungeon Masters Guide only). Where there is no second edition rule then Oriental Adventures rules are used as references.

The rules in the DM's Guide override the AD&D standard rules for all situations in this module unless the specific encounter indicates otherwise. No DM should contravene these rules as it would severely unbalance the module and give the particular group an unfair advantage or disadvantage.


The tournament module contains the following types of descriptions.

Text Boxes

Time for this box

Encounter ID

(Title of Encounter)   Description for players.

Normally there is one of these at the start of each encounter.

NPC/Monster Stats

Guards THACO: 13 AC: 2 MOVE: 12"/24"

HP: 30

#ATT: 2 Special : Rub hind legs for screech, all opponents must save at -4 or be incapacitated
SVM: 13
DAM: 1d6+2;1d6+2 LEVEL or special

THACO : Roll needed to hit armour class zero. SIZE: Size of Monster.

#ATT : Number of attacks per round. MOVE: Movement rate.

DAM: Damage per attack.

AC : Armour class.

SVM : Save versus all types of magic, Paralysation etc

HP : Hit points.

MR: Magic Resistance.

SPECIAL: Special abilities.

LEVEL: Level of NPC.

Combat events

Number Round Text describing what the NPCs do for that round.

Encounter information

Text describing all you need to know for this encounter (we hope.).

Next Encounter Buttons .

Text describing what conditions apply to go to this encounter.




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