Module written by : Bradley Bush and Brian Yap.

Character sheets developed by: Bradley Bush, Ian Forfar, David Learmonth and Brian Yap.

First Play Test: DMs : Bradley Bush and Brian Yap.

Players : Paul Bellofiore, John Dellios, Ewald van Laake, Fraser McHarg, Jonathon O'Donnell, Janice Wells, Neroli Wesley.

Second Play Test: DMs Bradley Bush and Brian Yap.

Players Barry Crockett, Deborah Crockett, Michelle Fowler, Graeme Hook and Peter Strong.

Third Play Test: DMs : Fraser McHarg and Jonathon O'Donnell.

Players Chiara Condotta, Andrew Davis, Matthew Hull, Hugh McVicker, Cynthia Palmer, Jenny Shannahan, Chris Smith, Jim-had Stuckey, Jane Thompson, Laura Thomson, Stuart Bishop, Anthony Utano.

Fourth Play Test: DMs : Paul Bellofiore, Laura Thomson

Players Brian Beardsmore, Pierre Becu, Barbra Braun, Kerren Clark, T.F. Druid, David Hackenbruch, Simon Hainpshire, Wim "Janke" van den Hil, Douglas McHiggin, Jonathon Metcalf, Kelly Shung, Colin Veitch

Computers borrowed from: Paul Bellofiore, Barry Crockett, Ian Forfar and David Learmonth.

Software used: Apple Hanzi operating system V 4.3 (for Chinese). Ready Set Go Versions 4.0 and 4.5. Mac Paint for some of the drawings.

Translations into Chinese by: Barbra Braun and Brian Yap.

Proof reading by: Veronica Weber.

Main Maps drawn by: Bradley Bush, Brian Yap and Janice Wells.

Resource material provided by: Paul Bellofiore, Barbra Braun and Sylvia Yap.

Player Character drawings by: Greg Thom Other artwork by: Peter Strong

Special Thanks: To all who have written tournament modules the authors have played in over the years at Arcanacon I to VII, Phantastacon '81 to '86, CanCon, Sydcon, Games '87 & '88 and Conquest.

This module was written to be a AD&D tournament module at Arcanacon VIII held from 12 to 15 July 1990 by Random Inc.

� 1990, 1997 Brian Yap and Bradley Bush.



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(c) 1990, 2000, 2001 Brian Yap and Bradley Bush

02 January 2001