Fu jing qing zui Proffer a birch and ask for a flogging.
  Fu yu wan kang Fight stubbornly with ones back to the wall.
Gen shen ye mao Have deep roots and luxurious leaves.
  Gou ji tiao qiang A cornered beast will do something desperate.
Gou yao gou A dog-eat-dog struggle within a puppet clique.
Gu zhang nan ming It is impossible to clap with one hand.
Gu fang zi shang A solitary flower in love with its own fragrance.
  Gu nong xuan xu Purposely turn simple things into mysteries.
Guan men da gou. To bolt the door and beat the dog.
  Guan kui li ce Look at the sky through a bamboo tube and measure the sea with a calabash.
Gui guai Ghosts and monsters of all kinds.
Gui ku lang hao Wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.
Hai ku shi lan Even if the seas run dry and the rocks crumble.
  Hai di lao yue To try to fish the moon from the bottom of the sea.
He li ji qun Like a crane standing among chickens.
Hu jia hu wei The fox borrows the tiger's terror.
Lao hu pi gu mo bu de Like a tiger whose backside no-one dares to touch.
  Lie huo jian zhen jin Pure gold proves its worth in blazing fire.
Jin chan tuo qiao Slip out of a predicament like a cicada sloughing its skin.
Ou duan si lian The lotus root snaps but its fibres stay joined.
San cong si de The three obedience's (to father before marriage, to husband after marriage and to son after death of husband) and the four virtues (morality, proper speech, modest manner and diligent work).
Yang yong cheng huan A carbuncle neglected becomes the bane of your life.




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