Wu Tze Lee 030



Days 1 to 11

WTL 030

(Under arrest) You are taken by a group of ten men to a local watch-house.

The character(s) is dumped in a cell with two other prisoners. All their equipment except clothing is taken. If they did not kill any soldiers they are told they will be released the following morning. If they did kill soldiers they will be held for trial (effectively indefinitely).
If they are still imprisoned on day 11 they will hear a loud gong. A guard will come and open their cells. He will say that the city has fallen and that they must escape now or be killed by the army of Prince Hei Ho Bang.
All the doors in here are locked. Each guard has a single key which fits all the locks. It is key 177.
The guards will stay in their room at the end of the main corridor. Every two hours they march up and down the corridor once, looking in the rooms to see that all their prisoners are there. They do not particularly care if they are alive or dead, just present.
The two other prisoners in the cell are being held on drug running charges. Since the city has been declared nonexistent all court hearings have been cancelled and they are being held until they resume again after the war. Their names are: Chi De Ran and Bai Gu Foa. They have no equipment.
Guards THACO: 17
#ATT: 1 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8+2
MOVE: 9"
AC: 5
SVM: 16
LEVEL: 4 (Fighter)
HP: 20
Chi De Ran THACO: 11
#ATT: 3/2 (Rapier)
DAM: 1d6+2
MOVE: 12"
AC: 9
SVM: 10
LEVEL: 8 (Fighter)
HP: 59
Bai Gu Foa THACO: 16
#ATT: 1 Battle Axe
DAM: 1d8+1
MOVE: 12"
AC: 9
SVM: 11
LEVEL: 6 (Fighter)
HP: 77

Into the city (released or escaped) on days 1 to 8.

Into the city (released or escaped) on days 9 or 10. Into the city (released or escaped) on day 11.

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