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Third Session

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The purpose of this set of encounters is to get all the players back to a known location.
If the players were part way through a section when they finished the second session then tell them that they have retrieved the opal they were after and place them at the end of that section. You will have to discuss with the players what they were doing when they finished the second session. The following is a set of scenarios which should cover most contingencies:

Wu Tze Lee: They have obtained the opal from the Treasury and are flying away in their blip or leaving via the tunnel that leads to Hex F13.

Locust Lake: They have solved the Queen's problem with the curse and gained the opal. They are just leaving.

Wing Ting Mai: They have obtained the opal from the bedroom and are leaving.

Anywhere Else: - They stay there until they decide it is time to leave.

This encounter can have two possible entry points depending on how they are travelling. Be careful to choose the correct option.


If the players are travelling by air.

If they players are travelling by foot.

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