Yun 003



Third Session

Y 003

(Ambushed by Yun Tin Kang)

Yun Tin Kang has seen the players coming and set up an ambush. He has cast a programmed illusion of himself standing on a rock at the far end of an old quarry. The illusion looks like it is casting a spell. Yun Tin Kang is really standing on the other side of the road in light forest. The players can see Yun Ting Kang quite easily. When the players react to the illusion he will cast a Chain Lightening. He will cast a Magic Missile if only one player (acting as a scout) comes into view.
If the players are being cautious and sending anyone who is travelling off the path, check to see on which side and how far off the path they are. It they travel with in fifty yards of the real Yun Tin Kang, they will see him.
The players will notice that the spell came from the other direction from the illusion when they have been hit.
Before the combat Yun Tin Kang has already cast a Wall of Force 20' in front of himself in a creek bed 7 below him.
During the combat Yun Tin Kang will cast spells in the following order
  1. Chain lightening (Magic Missile if only one player comes into view.)
  2. Fire ball on the largest group in sight.
  3. Bigby's forceful hand on the nearest opponent
  4. Magic Missile on the closest opponent (Chain Lightening on the largest group if he did not cast it in the first round.)

He will save one fireball until he has less than ten hit points and then cast it centred on himself.

Yun Tin Kang has the following items on his person. These items can not he destroyed: all opals the players have not found; a note which says "After you have collected the three opals go to the Five Element Mountain and collect the Imperial Banner. You will have to find a way of crossing the paper bridge. Then return to Nu Gong Zao."; a scroll "Teleport to Five Element Mountain"; a black pearl 5mm in diameter. Give the players handout PH 007. 1

Yun Tin Kang THACO: 16
#ATT: 1
DAM: 1d4 Dagger
MOVE: 12"
AC: -2
SVM: 7
LEVEL: 13 Wizard
Special : Pearl of defence. AC -2, Black 5mm radius.
HP: 65

Spells (after preset spells have been cast).

X     Magic Missile (5d4+5 (5 missiles)) (OA 76)
      Shield(OA 77)
      Tenser's Floating Disc (PH 138)
      Flaming Sphere (PH 141)
      Stinking Cloud (OA 81)
      Web (PH 146)
X     Fireball (12d6) (PH 149)
      Lightening bolt (PH 151)
      Melf's Minute Meteors (PH 151)
      Ice Storm (PH 159)
      0tiluke's Resilient Sphere (PH 160)
      Wall of Fire (OA 87)
      Wall of Ice (PH 164)
      Cone of Cold (OA 88)
X     Wall of Force (OA 89)
      Wall of Iron (OA 89)
      Wall of Stone (OA 90)
X     Bigby's Forceful Hand (PH 173)
X     Chain Lightening (Damage 30,27,24, 21, 18, 17 for each strike, half if save.)(PH 173)

If the players teleport to Five Element Mountain.

If the players leave.

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(c) 1990, 2000, 2001 Brian Yap and Bradley Bush

02 January 2001