Yun 002



Third Session

Y 002

(Ambush in the Sky) As you are flying along there is a loud whistling noise followed by an explosion that rocks your gondola. The blip banks and begins flying in circles.

A Shan Gui has fired a small explosive projectile that has destroyed the wings on the right hand side of the blip. The blip begins flying in clockwise circles.
The players can only get the blip onto the ground, they have lost all but the coarsest control on its direction. The wind is from the north. If they approach the top of the mountain, a large mouth will open up with twenty feet long teeth. They avoid the mouth if Tang Li Bing is flying the blip.
On the way down the party will see the remains of Yun Tin Kang's six wing blip. The left set of wings have been destroyed. The blip slowly circles into the sky. It comes too close to the Shan Gui. A large hand reaches out (200 yards long), delicately grabs the blip and directs it into the large mouth, lined with twenty feet long teeth.
If the party decide to attack Yun Tin Kang's blip they will reach it one round before the Shan Gui attacks it. Yun Tin Kang is not in the gondola, but watching from a well concealed position on the ground. When the Shan Gui attacks the blip assume that the players are on the other side of the blip and out of range of the monster. They are able to safely flee.
If the players approach within two hundred yards of the Shan Gui after they have seen its teeth or after they have seen it eat Yun Tin Kang's blip, while in their own blip, they will have to fight the monster.
The monster will attempt to grab their blip (THACO of 5). It will then take two melee rounds to push the blip into its mouth. (Three if Bing is actively steering the blip away from the mouth.)
Once inside the mouth the blip will be automatically hit each round until it is dead.
The gondola will take structural damage if it has not had an Ironwood spell cast on it. (It takes no structurally damage if it has had an Ironwood spell cast on it.) If the gondola is destroyed then all the players will take the bite attack. (Half damage if they save vs paralysation.)
If the players kill the monster they will be able to easily climb out.
Shan Gui THACO: 5
#ATT: 2 bite/missile
DAM: 2d20/1d10
AC: 3
SVM: 10
HP: 200
When the players start travelling by foot

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02 January 2001