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(Approaching the coast) Topping the hill, you see three to four miles of sand flats. Vegetation is very sparse here but several rivers meander slowly across the sand flats. A single road crosses the flats leading to the gates of a walled town. The town sits at the top of a small bay. A high wall surrounds the town. Inside the walls, roof tops can be seen and in the centre of the town is a tall tower. Peasants can be seen in the rivers to the east of the town. They are too far away to see what they are doing. Several junks can be seen anchored in the bay. The mouth of the bay is almost completely closed off from the sea by large sea walls. On the sand flats, to the east of the main city is a large collection of wooden huts. There are enough to house 15,000-20,000 workers.

The city wall is 12' high. It is made of sand held together by a powerful permanent glue spell. It feels like sand when touched but is as hard as granite.The corners are perfectly square and there are no joints or cracks (chance to climb is reduced by 20%.)
The glue spell was invented by Wing Ting Mai. It was the first spell he devised himself. The spell will glue any substance into a solid mass permanently. The drying time can be controlled by the caster so he can form the mass into a shape before letting it dry.
The galleons have provisions for forty slaves to row them and a central mast with a single sail. They are 50' long and 15' across the beams.
The sea walls are also made of sand. The opening is large enough for one junk to pass through comfortably. The sea walls are armed with catapults. The corners are perfectly square and there are no joints or cracks (chance to climb reduced by 20%).
The rivers flow very slowly for the last four miles across the sand flats. If tasted, it is salt water. It is easy to see that the river is choked with seaweed. The rivers are 12' deep. They have been dredged out by the locals to keep the weed alive.
Swimming in the rivers is extremely difficult. The character must roll a IS20 under their Strength or become trapped in the weed. Once trapped, they have a number of segments equal to their Constitution to be rescued or drown. The character will be trapped 10' down in a horizontal position.( This does not apply to Hou Shou Shi.)
Crossing rivers within two miles of the city can be done using the planks. There is one every 200 yards. They were only placed there for the peasants so are not capable of carrying more than one character plus equipment. For each additional character, add 30% to the base of 0% chance of the plank sinking.
On the sand to the east of the main city there would be enough to house 20,000 workers in poor conditions. The common peasants who work outside the city as farmers live here.

If the players approach the city from the west. If the players approach the city from the cast. If the players go to the sea walls. If the players leave.
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