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WTM 019

(Tower: Second Floor) As you climb the stairs, you find that all sound disappears. [DM: Wait for party to continue] Once at the top of the stain, sound returns to normal. This level is the same as the previous two, except there is no stairway going up. Behind you the corridor is a dead end. There are two doors an the inside wall.

(Rounding the corned) The corridor goes halfway around the tower and ends at a wooden door. There is something glinting on the surface of the door. There are three other doors on the inside wall.

(The end door) closer inspection, the door has a gold lock, which is engraved with a symbol of a sand castle on a beach.

There is a Silence Spell on the stairs to allow Wing Ting Mai to sleep. Guards are not permitted on this level unless permission from Wing Ting Mai is given.
This level is lit with Continual Light
The door is trapped. The handle has the spine from a sea fish hidden underneath. Anyone grasping the handle before unlocking it will be stung. Save vs poison or be unconscious for ten turns. Neutralise poison required or character will die. Trap only has enough poison for one sting, but the players cannot tell.
The door is unlocked using the gold key from WTM 031 (Key number 213). This will withdraw the spine.

Down the stairs.

Through the door. Any other bedroom.
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