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(Wing Ting Mai's Bedroom) This is a beautiful room. There are windows on the outside wall. There is a small wall. There is a pedestal at the other end of the room with a white box on it. At the far end of the room is a full weapon rack and a wardrobe. There is a cord beside the bed. The most striking item is the huge bed in the centre of the room. There is someone moving under the bedding.

Wing Ting Mai's concubine is under the covers. She will wait one round after the party enter, then look to see who is in the room. She will immediately reach for the cord. It takes her four segments to do this, so the party can try to stop her. If she does pull the chord two cooks will enter after four rounds. They are surprised for one segment.
Xing Ming Zi knows: (all true) a Wing Ting Mai is in his office for a few minutes, a The opal is in the box, a About the secret doors (reluctant to tell), a The garden is the safest way out (reluctant to tell), a Wing Ting Mai just opens the box and looks in.
Xing Ming Zi does not know:
If the box is trapped, or
About the treasure room.
If the party spend more than two turns in the room, Wing Ting Mai returns.
The bed is made of rubberised seaweed, strained across a whale bone frame. It has a silk cover on it and lots of pillows.
the Pedestal is three feet high and twelve inches in diameter made of a single section of bone. On top of it is a twelve inch mother of pearl box. The lid of the box is closed. The box is unlocked.
inside the box is a perfect one third piece of a sphere of opal. It is basically yellow in colour and resting on a silk cloth.
The desk is large, carved and made of wood with a matching chair. The top is inlaid with mother of pearl. There are papers spread across the desk.
The desk has no drawers. There are lots of incidental papers as well as one order for Wing Ting Mai to send half his guards to Wu Tze Lee.
This is a very ornate shrine dedicated to Taoism.
The locked weapons rack contains a beautiful array of weapons. They all appear to be of the highest workmanship.
The weapons are all illusions. Anyone reaching for them will find their hand reaching straight through them.
Opening the wardrobe doors reveals a vast array of colourful clothing.
The secret doors to the other bedrooms will only be found if the character is actively looking.
The door to the jewel room is completely undetectable. It will only open if the password is given. The password is "Riches and Wealth for me".
Almost any garment can be found in Wing Ting Mai's wardrobe.
Xing Ming Zi THACO: 20
#ATT: 2 Fingernails
DAM: 1
MOVE: 16"
AC: 10
SVM: 19
LEVEL: 5 (Concubine)

HP: 2

Cooks THACO: 20
#ATT: 1
DAM: 1d2 Knife
MOVE: 12"
AC: 10
SVM: 19
LEVEL:2 (Cook)

HP: 3

Out the door.

Fight with Wing Ting Mai.
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