Wing Ting Mai



Wizard 13th Level, Human

Strength: 7 -1 to Hit
Intelligence: 18  
Wisdom: 10  
Dexterity: 12  
Constitution: 9  
Charisma: 11  
HP: 30
AC: -2 (With bracers of defence AC -2)


(5x1, 5x2, 5x3, 4x4, 4x5, 2x6)

L1. Accuracy (OA 74)

L1. Chameleon (OA 75)

L1. Detect Magic (PH 133)

L1. Fiery Eyes (OA 75)

L1. Ghost Light (OA 75)

L1. Hold Portal (PH 135)

L1. Know History (OA 76)

L1. Magic Missiles (PH 136)

L1. Melt (OA 76)

L1. Message (PH 136)

L1. Read Magic (PH 137)

L1. Secret Signs (OA 76)

L2. Fire Shuriken (OA 79)

L2. Knock (PH 143)

L2. Pyrotechnics (PH 144)

L2. Protection From Charm (OA 80)

L2. Rope Trick (PH 145)

L2. Strength (PH 146)

L2. Vocalise (OA 81)

L2. Wizard Lock (PH 147)

L2. Whip (OA 81)

L3. Animate Fire (OA 81)

L3. Disguise (OA 82)

L3. Dispel Magic (PH 148)

L3. Fire Rain (OA 83)

L3. Fire Wings (OA 83)

L3. Suggestion (PH 153)

L3. Tongues (PH 153)

L4. Fire Enchantment (OA 85)

L4. Melt Metal (OA 86)

L4. Minor Creation (PH 160)

L4. Wall of Fire (PH 163)

L4. Wall of Bones (OA 87)

L5. Animate Dead (PH 165)

L5. Fire Breath (OA 88)

L5. Telekinesis (PH 17 1)

L5. Teleport (PH 172)

L6. Geas (PH 177)


Wing Ting Mai grew up as the son of a washer woman. He never had enough food and soon turned to theft. He found that he had no talent at that, but he did have the talent for convincing other people to do it for him. He soon formed a gang of bullies around him.


If he thinks that he is being cheated, he has a very short temper and will deal out punishment very quickly. While things are going his way he is a master at listening to others then twisting it until they are agreeing with him even if they are not sure why. He can put on a very friendly smile, but it is never completely convincing. His voice is dry and a little high but it still has an authority to it and he does not falter in his words.


4'4" tall, black hair, brown eyes and pale skin, 130 lb. Appears to be very fit for his age. From his pale skin he obviously does not get much sunlight but he does a lot of exercise in the pool.


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