Wu Tze Fang



Fighter 11th Level, Human

Strength: 18/46 +4 to Hit,
+4 damage
Intelligence: 15  
Wisdom: 17 +3 Vs Magic
Dexterity: 16 +3 Initiative bonus,
+4 Dexterity Bonus
Constitution: 16  
Charisma: 16  
HP: 85 (6,17,24,36,43,52,56,69,81,83,85 at each level)
AC: -2


Always living in the shadow of his powerful magical cousin, Wu Tze Fang has had the sense to pin his fortunes to Wu Tze Lee. He knows that his cousin is still alive because of a magical heirloom which automatically transfers itself to the next of kin. He has not received the heirloom.

The heirloom is a tattoo of a light blue lotus flower with yellow pollen. It appears on the upper left arm of the current heir to the Wu family's fortune.

Wu Tze Fang is a very clever man in a tight situation. The Emperor has legislated the Wu family into non-existence by declaring that all their wealth now belongs to the Ming family. Wu Tze Fang could not allow this to happen and has declared Wu Tze Lee to be an independent state and even though he expects to lose the upcoming war has nothing to lose by his actions. Even now the city is being supported by his allies and troops are pouring in.


Wu Tze Fang is every inch a soldier and warrior. He does nothing else and is purely dedicated to the martial arts. If he is not training he is discussing tactics with his generals or helping in the training of his men. He is generally loved by the army but thought of as a complete bore by everyone else.


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