Wu Tze Lee



Wizard 15th Level, Human

Strength: 12  
Intelligence: 18  
Wisdom: 15  
Dexterity: 14  
Constitution: 12  
Charisma: 11  
HP: 36 (4,8,9,11,12,14,16,19,21,22,25,29,32,35,36 at each level)
AC: 0 (Pearl of defence AC 0)


( 5x1, 5x2, 5x3, 5x4, 5x5, 2x6, 1x7)


You were born in the town of Wu Tze Lee and as is the custom in this town for the first born have taken on the same name. In the years since your childhood the city has grown more prosperous, so that now it claims to be the second city of the Middle Kingdom.

Your early years were spent travelling and training. You learnt your magic in the town of Liang and have adventured with several groups from that town (including one Yuen Wu Ye who you had several adventures with, doing things no one would suspect or discover). You owe a certain loyalty to that town and the school there.

Back in Wu Tze Lee you were taught the ways of the court and the ways of one who will rule.
When your father died ten years ago you took over running of the city state and joined forces with the Hei family. It was through these contacts that you were able to oust the then Emperor's wizard Yun Tin Kang. You enjoyed quite a bit of power and popularity at the top eventually getting to meet all the lesser members of the Celestial Bureaucracy. The power of the Hei family was becoming so great and the Ming family becoming so diminished, that there had to be a change of power. The whole empire was becoming aware of this and a lot of new alliances were being formed.

You soon became aware of a plan, sponsored by the Hei Fan-lily, to have you replaced when the revolution took place. It was cleverly designed and you would have been beheaded for high treason. With the forces working against you there was little option; act now and save your life or go on as you are and die. With a little help you were able to steal the Three Heavenly Opals and return to your city. You have spread out the opals to protect your investment. One you have given to your secret love the Locust Queen, the other to a long time ally Wing Ting Mai.

Shortly there after the Celestial Bureaucracy stepped in and you were summoned to the Jade Emperor. At first the prosecution led by the Hei dragon wanted to have you executed for stealing a gift given by the Jade Emperor. You were able to prove the plot against you and the Jade Emperor decided to imprison you on the Five Element Mountain until a new emperor is chosen. You would then be freed to once again take your place in the world of men.


You are calm, composed and appear completely unflappable. Life has been one long roller-coaster ride and you enjoy it that way. It will be a challenge to rebuild after the latest set back, but then again, those who fly high often fall hard. It is only the strong ones who get up again.


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