Yun Tin Kang



Wizard 13th Level, Human

Strength: 8 -2 HP/Die
Intelligence: 18  
Wisdom: 12  
Dexterity: 14  
Constitution: 16  
Charisma: 13  
HP: 65 (6,10,16,20,27,33,38,43,47,51,57,61,65 at each level)
AC: -2


Yun Tin Kang is a powerful, power hungry, arrogant, intelligent man. He has reached his position of power by the clever, subtle, unrelenting use of his intelligence and magic. However, he was completely unaware of the fact that the Emperor had turned to Wu Tze Lee and the revelation of this face has been a serious blow to his pride and self esteem.

Yun Tin Kang had been slowly removing all the people from the Imperial Court who did not bear allegiance to him, there by increasing his own personal power. Unfortunately for both Yun and the Emperor, this has led to a reduction of the calibre of the people supporting the Ming family and allowed the tremendous real gains of the Hei Family to proceed at a greater rate.

Yun has decided to search for the Three Heavenly Opals on his own so that he can marry Su Ling, his long time love, and gain the ultimate power available to a human, that of the Emperor of the Middle Kingdom. He is aware of the fact that the Emperor is under the control of the Celestial Dragons and of the suspended death sentence that has been passed on the Ming dragon.


Power hungry, arrogant and proud. Will try to intimidate or bully people into doing what he wants. This man is ruthless.

Magic Items

Pearl of defence AC -2.


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