Nu Gong Zao 001



Day 1

NGZ 001

(Player's Pre-session Handout) The old man speaks, Chaos reigns in the Middle Kingdom and uncertainty guides the future. The Three Heavenly Opals, most powerful magic items in the Ming Dynasty, have been stolen. The Emperor is disgraced and humiliated The people have begun to openly rebel, but no leader steps forward from the crowded throng to unite them all. So the Heavenly Bureaucracy has stepped in and is to make a profound announcement in Tianamin Square this afternoon. You have been summoned by our family to guide us to power in this troubled time. The old man totters into a back room with his servants, leaving you on your own. Tianamin Square holds more people than you had ever seen in one place before, more than one million. The crowd is agitated and angry. Some call for the Emperor's head, others say he should resume control and return the Middle Kingdom to normality. Tempers flaw but no fighting starts. Imperial troops stand guarding all exits. It looks as if the entire Ming Army is here. You make your way into the crowd nearing the gates to the Imperial Palace as the noise from the crowd rises quickly. Looking up you see that the Emperor has walked out onto the rostrum. He waits for the noise to subside, his hunched posture nothing like that of the proud arrogant man who ruled the Middle Kingdom under a strong hand until only a few weeks ago. As he raises his hand to speak you notice a dragon in the rear of the courtyard behind him. It appears to be controlling his actions.

The Emperor speaks:

People of the Middle Kingdom, Servants of the Heavenly Hosts, Supporters of the Three Religion. You are all aware of the events of the past month. Wu Tze Lee is DEAD!!!! (Astonished silence from the crowd.) The location of the Three Heavenly Opals is not known. So I am announcing that I will give the hand of my daughter in marriage to the person who returns all of three of the Heavenly Opals in forty days. (You know that the Emperor has only one daughter and no sons.) He then turns and retreats into the sanctuary of his palace. The stunned, silent disbelief of the crowd quickly turns into a violent rush in all directions as all people seem intent to go and find the Three Heavenly Opals. The old man who spoke to you earlier is now standing in front of you and beckons for you to follow. He leads you into a house and up seven flights of stairs. He points to a table and says That is all we have been able to gather in the time available. Your transport is on the roof. He vanishes into thin air.

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(c) 1990, 2000, 2001 Brian Yap and Bradley Bush

27 December 2000