Nu Gong Zao 005



First Session

NGZ 005

(Gondola of Long Yi Shi Yi) As you cast off the blip climbs slowly into the sky. From up here you can see how huge the city really is; Two days travel by foot from the east to the west. Chaos rules below. People are streaming in all directions, but the largest group are heading east. To the south you can see the Imperial Fleet has just cleared the harbour and are raising sail for the south. The Banner of the Prince Hei Ho Bang flies above the flagship. In the distance you can see the six winged blip of Yun Tin Kang already clearing the city to the south east. The wind is steady and from the north.

Give the handout PH-006.

GR000001.JPG (8420 bytes)

They can do what they want from here.
The blip flies at 5 hexes per day (Ignore the wind).
If they are really stuck for ideas tell them to use the tea ceremony.
The only other winged blips they can see are part of the Prince's Fleet and Yun Tin Kang's. They cannot catch Yun Tin Kang's blip because it has six wings and flies faster than their blip. They can see it is his blip because Yun Tin Kang's banner flies from below it

Back on to the roof.

Fly to the Prince's Fleet. Fly away.

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02 January 2001