Nu Gong Zao 007



First Session

NGZ 007

(Chaos) Once at the bottom of the building you find that there are thousands of people streaming past. Most of them are going east.

If the players go into the crowd and take no precautions there is a 20% chance per turn that one of the players will be separated in the crowd. Once separated there is a 5% chance per turn that the player will be able to return to the party. This will be the situation for all of day 1.

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After day 1 most of the people have moved from the area. Half the shops in the city are shut. The party is able to break into a closed shop undetected if they use a little caution
Law enforcement in the city is very low for the first three days. Many of the soldiers have left and many of the remaining ones are leaderless. From day four the various armies begin moving in.
The players can find any non-magic shop they wish to in a city of this size. The magic areas have all shut down until a new Emperor is chosen and order returns to heaven and earth. The palace guards will not let them enter the palace, unless they have the opals.
The Ming army retains control of Tianamin Square and it is full of charlatans queued at the main gate to the palace. They all have three of something, some even claim to have the Three Heavenly Opals. They are all turned away when they reach the gate.
Fly away.

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27 December 2000