Nu Gong Zao 002



First Session

NGZ 002

(Room With No Views) This is a plain 20' x '20' x 10' wooden room. There is the door, through which you entered and a table in the centre. On the table are some scrolls, keys and a tea set.

A map of the southern peninsula. (PH-002)

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There is a secret door in the roof. It can be opened with the key marked 882. They will have no difficulty in reaching the door.
A key marked 882 (to the door in the roof).
A detailed description of the appearance of the Three Heavenly Opals. (PH-003)
Six identical keys marked 399 (to the blip's gondola).
A plain bone china tea set. (PH-004) Only Wen Cha Lin can use the tea set for fortune telling. It also comes with a packet of Lap San Shu Chong tea.

Secret door in the roof.

Door they came in.

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