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(Approaching by Land) The wall spans the width of the whole valley extending up the sides of the valley until the slope is so great as to make all but rock climbing impossible. In the centre of the wall is an arch, under which flows the river. Directly above the arch is a one storey tower. The road passes under the centre of the arch on a wooden trestle bridge. Standing at the point where the road joins the bridge are two guards talking to each other. The sound of a gong emanates from the tower and the two guards look up at you.

There are three guards and a sergeant in the room at the top of the tower.
The two guards will wait for the party to reach them and then step out onto the road, preventing access to the bridge. The guards are your normal guards doing their job day in day out. They can be bribed to let the party in. Bargain with the players but do not allow a price of less than one gold piece per player.
One of the guards will ask for their passes to the city. No one can enter the city without a pass. They cost 5 GP for commoners, 10gp for merchants, 15gp for adventurers and 20gp for nobles. They will be charged according to their exterior appearance. They last one week. Give them handout PH-012 when they buy a pass. A noble's pass is sufficient identification to gain entry to the noble's part of the city. The rest are not.
Hao Shou Shi is the only character who can climb over the wall and remain undetected by the wall guard. (Unless they arrange a distraction.) His chance is 35%. (Move silently roll.)

Through the walls and into the fields. Days 1 to 6

Through the walls and into the fields. Day 7. Through the walls and into the fields. Days 8 to 20 and 23 to end. Through the walls and into the fields. Days 21 and 22.

Port of Hel Churl. Days 1 to 6. Port of Hel Churl. Day 7. Port of Hel Churl. Days 8 to end. If they fight or climb the wall.

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