Hel Churl 003a


Days 1 to 6

HC - 003a

(Approaching Port of Hel Churl By Air) The river flows from the south through narrow ravines between high peaks. Ahead you can see a small village beside the river. The village consists of five buildings and a dock. At the dock is a small group of people. Some of them appear to be boarding the barge. Further upstream is a fortified wall crossing the entire valley. The fields beyond the wall are full of people. Beyond that is a strange city. The barge casts off from the dock and begins to travel down stream. Flying to the south west is a six winged blip.

(Approaching Port of Hel Churl By Land) The narrow road along the river bank passes by a dock. Tied to the dock are three barges. Each barge is equipped with oars. Two of the barges are open and empty. The third is being loaded with slaves. 11= are ten more slaves to be loaded and the barge looks as if it is ready to sail. There are four buildings and a warehouse near the dock. Standing near the boat a small group of men, some dressed in officials clothes, stand watching the proceedings. As you approach, the last of the slaves is loaded and the crew stand ready to cast off. A man hands over some papers to the official and walks over to the barge. He shouts some orders and they push off into the river's stream. The official then goes to one building while the guards go to another. Flying to the south west is a six winged blip.

Customs officers handle all trade. Only merchants have to pay tax.
All NPCs except the slaves know that an army is being raised to march on Wu Tze Lee. All slaves know that there is a large army in the fields.
Slaves are being shipped to Nu Gong Zao for sale. This is the normal monthly slave run.
The slaves have been slaves all their lives and while slavery is not common, it is an accepted part of life. They will not fight to free themselves and if they am released they will simply turn themselves in.

Customs 0ffice.

Fight. Guard's Barracks.

If the players leave. Travel with the army from day 7. Fly Into the fields.
Warehouse. Fly into the city. Hel Churl Outer Gates.
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