Hel Churl 003b



Day 7

HC - 003b

(Approaching the port of Hel Churl by air) The river flows from the south through narrow ravines between high peaks. Ahead you can see a small village beside the river. The village consists of five buildings and a dock, at which are tied two barges. Further upstream is a fortified wall crossing the entire valley. Beyond the wall is a strange city. Also beyond the wall many men can be seen packing tents and moving on.

(Approaching the port of Hel Churl by land) The narrow road along the valley passes by a dock. Tied to the dock are two barges. Each barge is open, empty and equipped with oars. There are four buildings and a warehouse near the dock. Beyond the village you can see a wall stretching right across the valley.

Customs 0ffice.

Fight. Guard's Barracks.

If the players leave. Travel with the army from day 7. Fly Into the fields.
Warehouse. Fly into the city. Hel Churl Outer Gates.
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