Hel Churl 003c



Days 8 to end

HC - 003c

(Approaching the port of Hel Churl by air) The river flows from the south through narrow ravines between high peaks. Ahead you can see a small village beside the river. The village consists of five buildings and a dock, at which are tied two barges. Further upstream is a fortified wall crossing the entire valley. Beyond the wall is a strange city.

(Approaching the port of Hel Churl by land) The narrow road along the valley passes by a dock. Tied to the dock are two barges. Each barge is open, empty and equipped with oars, . There are four buildings and a warehouse near the dock. Beyond the village you can see a wall stretching right across the valley.

Customs 0ffice.

Fight. Guard's Barracks.


If the players leave. Fly Into the fields.
Warehouse. Fly into the city. Hel Churl Outer Gates.
HC-M-002.jpg (70628 bytes) Map: HC-M-002 refers.


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