Hel Churl 002c


Days 8 to 20 & 23 to end.

HC - 002c

(Fields) You see a large area of cultivated fields before you as the valley spreads out to form a wide flood plain.On the plain are forty workers guarded by five soldiers. The group are on the other side of the river. The guards are looking in your direction.

This is a group of workers and not in the slightest interested in the party.
Before day 21 the guards know: a The Army left on day 7. a They went to to capture the city of Wu Tze Lee. a The players passes will let them into the city of Hel Churl.
After day 22 the guards know: a The army returned on day 21 after thrashing the Army of Wu Tze Lee and destroying the city. The player's passes will let them into the city of Hel Churl.
A levy runs down both sides of the river and there are water wheels at regular intervals used to raise water onto the flood plain. Some workers are powering the waterwheels while the rest are planting rice.
Back out the gates. If they fight.
City of Hel Churl. Fly into the city.
HC - 901 If they fight. HC - 001 Back out the gates.
HC - 008 City of Hel Churl. HC - 011 Fly into the city.

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Map: HC-M-001 refers.


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