Hel Churl 002d


Days 21 & 22

HC - 002d

(Fields) You see a large area of cultivated fields before you as the valley spreads out to form a wide flood plain. There is a carnival atmosphere among the army units camped on the plain. Many fires light the plain and the sounds of shouting and singing fill the air. At several locations the revellers spill across,the road.

Every one is happy and most are drunk. Soldiers, Noblemen, Merchants and Slaves mix freely.
All are welcome, no questions asked. a No Law and Order groups are operating. a There is no serious trouble. a Food and drink are plentiful and free. a There are plenty of spoils from Wu Tze Lee & the Prince's Army.
People know that: a Wu Tze Lee defeated the Prince's Army. a Hel Churl defeated Wu Tze Lee. a Nothing on the whereabouts of the opals.
A levy runs down both sides of the river and there are water wheels at regular intervals used to raise water onto the flood plain.
Back out the gates. If they fight.

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