Hel Churl 002a


Days 1 to 6

HC - 002a

(Fields) You see a large area of cultivated fields before you as the valley spreads out to form a wider flood plain. Camped on the plain is a large army with rows of tents and many thousands of soldiers. Soldiers continue to arrive and you see a queue at a tent close to the road.
This is the army of Hel Churl. It is preparing to march on Wu Tze Lee.
The party may pass along the road and take no notice of the army. No one from the army will approach the party if they keep to themselves.
If they ask they will be told: a The army is being raised to go to Wu Tze Lee to destroy it. a The people from Hel Churl hate the people from Wu Tze Lee and they can destroy the city without fear of reprisal as it has been declared non-existent by the emperor. a The army will leave on day seven.
A levy runs down both sides of the river and there are waterwheels at regular intervals which are used to raise water onto the flood plain.


Back out the gates. If they fight.

Travel with the army from day 7. City of Hel Churl. Fly into the city.

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