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Hel Churl is located at a river junction on the Niao Jiang River in the Shan Peninsula.


This city was only built fifty years ago by Hang Bu Fang after the old city was totally destroyed ten years previously in an internal power struggle. The city has been built up by Hang Bu Fang since he was sent there to keep him away from the Ming Court. The city now has a population of 500,000 people and is the biggest centre for slave trading in the Middle Kingdom.

Below ground level are the dungeons, storage for the slaves and winter home for farm animals. Above the ground, the first three levels are carved from a solid block of stone. These levels contain everything you would expect to find in a city of this size. Living quarters, shops, factories, schools etc. Hel Churl is renown for having everything non-magical you could wish to buy. The outer wall is thirty feet thick, broken only by a main gate. Atop all of this is the nobles' city, also known as the Palace of a Thousand Spires. This is a very extravagant area , seemingly random in nature, which reputedly has a thousand pagodas and hundreds of gardens and pools. The nobility of Hel Churl live in grand style. Dominating the whole area and its centre is the largest pagoda. It has a large crystal for its roof and many mirrors down its side. (The mirrors reflect inwards.) The pagoda collects sunlight and pipes it down to the city below.


Although the city has always had close ties with the Ming Empire, it is officially neutral.

They have been at loggerheads with Wu Tze Lee ever since the Emperor sent Hung Bu Fang here. Now with the official declaration that Wu Tze Lee is a non-existent city. The forces of Hei Churl are being readied to attack and destroy Wu Tze Lee. This will allow them to gain total domination of the Shan Peninsula.


Hel Churl is basically an open city. Anyone can come and go as they please, though access to the nobles' area will require some effort on behalf of the party. All trade is welcome and all trouble is dealt with brutally and quickly. Once a punishment has been dealt out the offence is forgotten and life returns to normal. Anyone weak will stand a high chance of being made a slave.

At the start of the game the situation in Hel Churl is different to normal. An army is being raised and is based in the fields which surround the city. There are large numbers of people entering the city and weapons are openly displayed. The army numbers only ten thousand troops when the game starts. By the time it leaves on day seven it has swollen to four hundred thousand. Because of the large number of people passing through, the players will have no trouble entering the city. They will also find that justice is a little more rough and ready than normal.

On day seven the army leaves and heads to Wu Tze Lee. The city returns to as normal a situation as possible. A large portion of the male population has left and the city awaits news of their return. Only a token force of five thousand remains to defend the city.

On days twenty one and twenty two the army return and the whole city parties. On the afternoon of day twenty two the units of the army disband and the members return to their normal lives.

After day twenty two everything returns to normal, though they eagerly await news from the capital on the outcome of the civil war.


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