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Wing Ting Mai


Wu Tze Lee, Hiao Jiao, Chang Chiang.


Wing Ting Mai's original name was Wu Ban Hei. It had been a peaceful fishing town ruled by a committee of elders for two thousand years. Fifty years ago, a woman came to the town. She had . sealed letter which she gave to the elders, given to her by the father of the child she was carrying. The letter told the elders to care for the child as one day he would be the saviour of the world. They were not to reveal this to anyone except the boy when he was old enough. The boy was born two months later.

As he grew, he became very much the bully of the town. He formed a group who were willing to do what he wanted without question. The pranks and minor troubles caused by them as children turned into bashings and murders with the passing of time. With his protection now established, Wing Ting Mai became engrossed in magic. He studied by night and day until he had advanced to the point of making his first spell.

About this time, the elders called him in and revealed his background. Unfortunately for them, his egotistical nature took over. All of the elders meet with "accidents". He declared himself lord of the town and changed its name. That was twenty five years ago. He devised the glue spell and proceeded to build a new town over the top of the old one.

To increase his power base, he formed an alliance with Wu Tze Lee. This gave him a powerful ally and increased the trade from Wing Ting Mai.


There are factions in the city who will betray Wing Ting Mai because of injustices he has played against them. These people will give the players useful information to obtain the opal. The peasants will not help the party because they are afraid of Wing Ting Mai but they will answer general questions. Wing Ting Mai can only be found in the tower. The players can have a meeting with him if they arrange it.

Days one to nineteen the city is open to all and security is at a normal peacetime level. There have been about 9,000 soldiers sent off to Wu Tze Lee and everyone here believes that Wu Tze Lee will win. On day twenty news is received that Wu Tze Lee has been destroyed. Fearing that the opposing forces may move on Wing Ting Mai next, security is tightened. It is a little more difficult to get into the city and people inside are more watchful.


The city is built on a sandy delta out of a mixture of driftwood, whale bones, seaweed and sand. On the sand flats to the east of the city is a shanty town.


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