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Five Element Mountain


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This unnatural thing was put here by a buddhatsavia to imprison Wu Tze Lee until a new emperor was chosen. This is to prevent him from upsetting any more plans enacted by the heavenly bodies. It has now been decided to use it for an additional purpose as described below.


When the players arrive they will be placed on a cloud, five hundred feet from the mountain. The cloud is one square mile in area and has no features on it except a paper bridge joining it with the cloud where the Five Element Mountain is located.

The mountain is ten miles tall. Although this should place it beyond the top of the atmosphere it is a special case and is exempt from this rule (by decree of the Jade Emperor).

At the base of the mountain is a small temple dedicated to Budda. The monk is a servant of the Jade Emperor who has a special spell cast on him to make him appear to have only one hit point. When he has been hit for two or more hit points damage he will automatically teleport back to the Heavenly Palace and activate the Gold Golem.

Inside the mountain are several tests to determine the abilities of the party. Reaching Wu Tze Lee on the top of the mountain is considered to make them worthy of being Emperor.

Wu Tze Lee is on the top of the mountain as punishment for his misdemeanours. He cannot do anything to the players except talk to them and likewise the players cannot do anything to him.

The only way off the mountain is to use the path down the side of the mountain from where Wu Tze Lee is imprisoned. The path is enshrouded in cloud and the players will not notice the change back to their world. This path does not actually lead to the base of the mountain but into the base of another mountain in hex B6. There is no temple at the base of this mountain.


The Five Element Mountain has been put here to allow worthy potential E l Emperors to reach Wu Tze Lee and get the Imperial Banner (confiscated from the Ming Emperor because he was deemed unworthy). The Imperial Bureaucracy has set up tests to weed out the weak.

The party should have no trouble getting through the tests as there are always two ways through. They can solve the puzzles or use a brute force approach.

There is no way up the side of the mountain or to fly to the top because it is too high and too steep.


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