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Wu Tze Lee consists of a well built and well located Central Keep. The Keep is located on a long extinct volcanic plug and has walls eighty feet tall. It is considered on of the most easily defended keeps in the known, human world.

The city surrounds the Keep. It is a typical large city with a wall around it standing thirty feet tall.


Wu Tze Lee has always been the dominant coastal city on the Shan Peninsula. The brief reign of Wu Tze Lee as Emperor's Wizard has been the only time that Wu Tze Lee has ever been allied with a dynasty to the north.

Wu Tze Lee has always been the dominant force on the Shan Peninsula. Since Hang Bu Fang became leader of Hel Churl they have had to concede the eastern half of the peninsula to Hel Churl.


On day zero, Wu Tze Lee is legislated out of existence by the Ming Emperor. Wu Tze Fang, who is in charge of the city during Wu Tze Lee's absence, begins preparing for the largest defence the city has ever seen. He is a capable and effective general.

On day eight the fleet of Prince Hei Ho Bang arrives. The Prince has a force of four hundred thousand men attacking the city which has three hundred thousand defenders.

On days nine and ten the Ming Army under the command of Prince Hei Ho Bang takes most of the city in bitter fighting.

On day eleven the army and fleet of Prince Hei Ho Bang is routed in a counter attack. All the junks are destroyed where they were anchored overnight.

On day twelve the army of Hel Churl arrives, bringing another four hundred thousand men, and forces the defenders back into the city.

On days thirteen and fourteen the city of Wu Tze Lee falls to the forces of Hel Churl.

On day fifteen the forces of Hel Churl capture the Central Keep and raise the city.

From day sixteen to the end of the module the city of Wu Tze Lee is nothing but ash and ruins. Some lions move in and make the city their home. All humans leave the area.


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