Wu Tze Lee 001b



Day 8

WTL 001b

(Approaching by air) You see the city of Wu Tze Lee before you. The Central Keep is located on a steep hill next to the sea. The city sprawls out below it. A wall protects the city and another wall the Central Keep. A force to the north of the city is fighting units set up to defend the city. Out to sea is a large fleet. It appears that it will not be long until all access to the city is cut.

(Approaching by land) The city of Wu Tze Lee consists of a Central Keep located on a steep hill next to the sea. The city sprawls out below it. The commotion on the road of the traffic heading north increases as a man on a horse rides down and announces that the army of Prince Hei Ho Bang has landed to the north. You will have to hurry to reach die city if you are to arrive before it is placed under siege.

There is a lot of traffic on the road and sea heading for Wu Tze Lee. It consists of cart loads and boat loads of soldiers, mercenaries and supplies for the defences of Wu Tze Lee in the coming battle.
They will be able to hitch a ride.
All NPCs are going to Wu Tze Lee to join in the fight against Prince Hei Ho Bang. Wu Tze Lee enjoys a very high popularity amongst the people of the peninsula and has achieved almost God status amongst the common folk.
If they do not go to the city and remain, then the plains will clear and they will be attacked by the leading units of the army of Prince Hei Ho Bang.
If the players say that they are on any side other than that of Wu Tze Lee (Hel Churl, Ming Hei , etc.) they will be attacked.
If the players try to land on the Central Keep they will be warned away. If they actually land they will be attacked.

When the players reach the gates of Wu Tze Lee.

If the players are in a fight on the ground. Fight on the Central Keep.
If the players are on the plain surrounding Wu Tze Lee when the Prince's Fleet arrives. If they leave.


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