Wu Tze Lee 002



Days 15 until they leave.

WTL 002

(The day after)

Hangovers are the order for the day. The army is now cleaning up the mess of the battle. Junk is being cleared away, the dead burned and wounded attended to. Captured opponents are disarmed and help the clean up.
The players can get to the city and Central Keep if they want. Fires still bum in some places and care must be taken so as not to get burnt.
The only thing to be found in the Central Keep ruins is a two month old child, Wu Feng Hei (the next direct heir to Wu Tze Lee).
The army's workers will take no notice of the players unless they deliberately do something to gain attention. Anything the players want will be treated with an air of tired intolerance, but unless the players physically intrude they will be left alone.
The following day the army packs up and leaves for Hel Churl. The players can travel with the army or stay. If they stay nothing will happen. If they go with the army they can leave at any time.
If the players say that they are looking for the opals they will be told that a great wizard who helped the army in the battle came and took them. If pressed they will remember that his name was Yun Tin Kang.

the players follow the army to Hel Churl (it takes five days to get to Hel Churl).

If the players physically interfere. If the players leave.

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