Wu Tze Lee 028



Day 14 to when they leave

WTL 028

(Remote Mountain Valley) After travelling about half a day down this tunnel a strong wind starts blowing in your faces. It gradually reduces over a day to calm again. You enter a remote mountain valley after two day march. Troops from the army of Wu Tze Lee are filling the valley. There is a general lack of organization. Most of the troops are talking of finding somewhere new to live or returning to their home towns and heading off the mountain paths.

The army is being disbanded and most of the troops are going off to make a new life somewhere else. Many of them came from other towns and villages and are going back there to help defend their own homes if the army of Hel Churl should go and attack their towns. They all want to leave the valley before the army of Hel Churl comes down the tunnel.
The wind has been caused by the fire the Army of Hel Churl has lit in the cavern they have just left. They are too far away to hear the subsequent caverns.
Assuming they have travelled with the army to the valley they arrive on day 16 in the morning.

Back down the tunnel to Camp Five.

If they leave. Hex I11.

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29 December 2000